Communication is everything and our Interpreters are ready for any situation. Hire an interpreter today and begin your successful negotiations in Vietnam.

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MultiLingual has interpreting solutions for any situation. You can hire our consecutive interpreters at an hourly rate and have them assist you during your meetings anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. You can also hire them per minute, and have them join your web conference to interpret your online business meetings. Or, you can hire our Interpreters on a daily rate and have them escort you anywhere around Vietnam, or even abroad to ensure your business trips are smooth and successful.

Consecutive & Specialized Interpreting

Hire a specialized consecutive interpreter today for your international business meetings in Ho Chi Minh City. We understand that every business has a specific terminology and that is the reason why our interpreters have been trained to be specialized in different industries. Whether you need technical, medical automotive or legal interpreting, MultiLingual can deliver.

We have a database of experienced and professional interpreters proficient in the following languages: Japanese, Chinese(Simplified), Korean, English, German, French, Russian and Thai. Get an interpreter anywhere in Ho Chi Minh city within moments from your call and pay them on an hourly basis.

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Web Conference Interpreting

Our professional interpreting services are at your disposal even when face-to-face interaction is not possible. Video Conference Interpreting is often used as a cheaper, more convenient and immediate solution to face-to-face interpreting. MultiLingual offers its Web Conference Interpreting services at an unrivalled price point with flexible billing options, allowing you to pay per minute, hour or subscribe for a long-term service, depending on what is more convenient for your business. Give us your specific requirements and schedule, and within a few hours we will compile a suited offer made to accommodate your needs. We also provide after-hours video interpreting for businesses who deal with customers in different time-zones.

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Escort Interpreting

Hire an Interpreter who will accompany you anywhere in Vietnam or even abroad. We understand that Vietnam is a huge place of opportunity and most businesses need interpreters for meetings outside of Saigon, therefore our Interpreters are available to escort you on your business trips all around Vietnam. If you are based in Vietnam, but need an interpreter to accompany you to another country, then book your interpreter ahead as we need time to arrange their Visa. Book your escort interpreter today and be prepared for your business trip within or outside of Vietnam!

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Visiting Factories or Exhibitions in Southern Vietnam? Need Transport and Interpreting?

Get our full business package with a car, driver and a specialized interpreter to escort you on your sourcing trip to Vietnam. We know how important it is to have accurate and specialized translation when it comes to manufacturing and we have invested countless hours in finding and training the interpreters in various specializations. We have a wide array of vehicles ranging from budget cars to luxury sedans. We employ only skilled and experienced drivers to ensure your maximum safety in the chaotic traffic. Daily rates start at 150usd for the full package.

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